In this update we bring you a whole bunch of new interface features. Including dark mode, IFEX fee reduction, notifications, better menus and several bug fixes.

Dark mode

Now you can comfortably use Interfinex at night time. Simply click on the “Moon” or “Sun” icon in the top right to toggle the theme.

Interfinex dark mode


We’ve also added a notifications menu so that you can keep track of your activity. The notifications menu will let you know when your transactions have confirmed and exactly what transactions are active. It will also link to an Etherscan page containing further information.

A revolutionary new way to raise funds on Ethereum.

Fundraising in the existing financial world is extremely difficult; There are huge barriers to entry for new companies wishing to list their stock on an exchange.

In 2017 that all changed when Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) became mainstream. Fast forward 3 years and and another invention came along — An on chain automated market maker. With this invention any asset could now be traded on Ethereum in a cheap and efficient way.

Utilizing both creations, we can create an even better way to raise funds; Initial Liquidity Offerings.

ILO Creation Portal

Here’s how it…

Tokens for Interfinex are be distributed in the following ways:

  • 30% via Yield Farming over the course of the next 6 months — Yield farm contract address: 0x7cc1F66c313E61D44BFc1D5fec3C89C26770E827
  • 30% via additional DeFi incentives over the next 18 months (more info on this will be released at a later date)
  • 1% via Airdrop
  • 2% via Bounty
  • 20% reserved for the team (locked for 12 months) — Vault Smart Contract address: 0x2ac2AeF78f52FFCB08181008F1169C045ABdf2F8
  • 10% for marketing (locked for 3 months) — Vault Smart Contract address: 0x84790B24750aF49Ab10317Fe88F84b001738D5FB
  • 7% for additional community incentives such as content creation, trading competitions etc. …

As part of our token distribution we are introducing yield farming.

You can yield farm any supported pool on our platform; 30% of the supply will be distributed via yield farming over the next 6 months — so hurry!

All you have to do to yield farm is deposit some liquidity into one of the supported pools.

Your yield farming portal

Once you have deposited liquidity into one of the pools you will instantly start earning yield. The amount you earn is dependent on the amount you deposit relative to the pool size. The more you deposit, the more you farm! …

The crux of finance is in finding a way that allows people to truly express their opinion with capital — Margin trading, as a consequence, is an essential weapon in the arsenal of any trader.

👨‍🌾 (If you are looking for Yield Farming info please Click Here)

We are proud to introduce to you our solution to general purpose margin trading; In addition, our solution also allows you to loan any ERC20 token.

Let’s start by explaining how it works.

The Actual Trading Part

Margin Trading Portal

We wanted to create a trading interface that was as intuitive and as simple to use as possible — And…

As part of our token distribution, we will be airdropping tokens to the community — All you have to do is join our telegram group and send a kind message.

Join us on telegram and message this bot to get your airdrop:


The airdrop will be split into 4 rounds. Round 1 will consist of the most participants and most rewards; For each subsequent round, the reward and amount of participants eligible to participate will decrease.

This is how the rounds will be allocated:

  • Round 1: Limited to 2900 participants and 14000 tokens to each
  • Round 2: Limited to…

We are proud to bring you release v0.9 Beta of the Interfinex protocol.

A view of the exchange

Swap Trade

Convert any ERC20 token into any other ERC20 token and pay a fee of 0.1% on all trades — Or provide a referral and receive a 51% discount (0.049% fee).

Liquidity Pool

Deposit an equivalent amount of ERC20 tokens into the pool and start yield farming. The amount you earn will be dependent on the fees paid and the amount of liquidity deposited. Earn ERC20 tokens and Interfinex Bill tokens in every liquidity pool.


You can purchase Interfinex Bill tokens here:


Building the future of finance

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