Interfinex distribution schedule

Tokens for Interfinex are be distributed in the following ways:

  • 30% via Yield Farming over the course of the next 6 months — Yield farm contract address: 0x7cc1F66c313E61D44BFc1D5fec3C89C26770E827
  • 30% via additional DeFi incentives over the next 18 months (more info on this will be released at a later date)
  • 1% via Airdrop
  • 2% via Bounty
  • 20% reserved for the team (locked for 12 months) — Vault Smart Contract address: 0x2ac2AeF78f52FFCB08181008F1169C045ABdf2F8
  • 10% for marketing (locked for 3 months) — Vault Smart Contract address: 0x84790B24750aF49Ab10317Fe88F84b001738D5FB
  • 7% for additional community incentives such as content creation, trading competitions etc. (locked for 3 months) — Vault Smart Contract address: 0x4cFfb1e77c2EAc1E6F4697bB433cCA9Edac7Eed7

Circulating Supply endpoint:

Total Supply endpoint:

To get the latest circulating supply you can visit:

This amount will be updated daily as the Yield Farm contract gradually distributes farming rewards. Tokens that are in the vault contracts are locked — The smart contract code for these Vault contracts can be viewed here:

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